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1099 Filing Deadline for Small Businesses in Metro Detroit, Michigan

Posted by Admin Posted on Feb 07 2013

1099 Deadline for Michigan Businesses

If your small business is required to file Form 1099's, then there?s no time to waste. These forms are used to report miscellaneous income that businesses pay to a variety of individuals or businesses, including independent contractors, vendors, landlords, attorneys and medical professionals, legal professionals, and many others. You must file your Forms 1099 with the Internal Revenue Service?and send them to the people or companies you?ve paid?no later than January 31. If you?re not certain if you?re required to file Form 1099s, or if you need help filing them, be sure to contact us. 

Filing a Late 1099?

Businesses that are late in filing 1099's can complete Form 8809 that will allow them to apply for a 30 extension.  However, please be aware that there are penalties for 1099 Forms that are not submitted in a timely manner.  If you find that your business is in need of professional tax advice regarding its 1099 policies, please contact us.

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